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Sofia Reta - Odours 『香水』

by Sofia Reta


New album from Los Angeles-based artist and producer Sofia Reta. Includes download code with bonus tracks.

Release date: 30.07.15

1 Odours 『香水』 [41:35]
2 Odours 『香水』 [16:08]

+download only bonus tracks
3 Bayonette [4:28]
4 Oud (Live) [6:13]
5 Cabochard (Live) [4:49]
6 Ysatis (Live) [3:40]

written and produced by Sofia Reta
artwork by Sofia Reta Corporation
layout by ZIN


Digital version available directly from Sofia Reta's bandcamp:

f o l l o w Sofia Reta on Bandcamp, Soundcloud & FB:


If you cannot place your order because of the message that we do not ship to your country - please email us: daggerforest@gmail.com